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Every face is unique therefore all facial treatments are customized to best benefit the condition of your skin at the time of the service and your desired results. 
Benefits of facial treatments include

Deep Cleaning
Exfoliation- the removal of dead skin cells
Detoxification-  the cleaning and minimizing of pores
Anti-aging- minimizing fine lines and wrinkles
Hydration- moisturizing the skin at the cellular level
Protection-  SPF protects skin from UV rays and environmental damage 
Facial treatments are for Men and Women
Teen Facial
Rejuvenation Facial
Just For Him
Deep Cleansing Treatment
Acne Management
Glycolic Anti-aging Facial w/ Oxygen
Acne Back Treatment
Professional Skincare Products are available for home maintenance.
Micro-dermabrasion  &  Chemical Peels
This is a great treatment for all skin types. Micro-dermabrasion treats fine lines,wrinkles, sun damage, acne spots, and hyper pigmentation.

Diamond Micro-dermabrasion
    Single treatment                      $110
    Series of  3  treatments          $285
    Series of  6  treatments          $575 plus 3 skin care maintenance products

Ultra Sonic Hydro- plain 
   Single treatment                     $110
   Series of  3  treatments         $285
   Series of  6  treatments         $575 plus 3 skin care maintenance products

Diamond Micro/ Hydro- plain Combo      
 Single treatment                   $160
 Series of  3  treatments       $430
 Series of  6                                $870plus3  skin care maintenance products


Glycolic Peel
   Single treatment                      $75
   Series of Six treatments        $400
TCA Peel  
        15%                                          $125
        20%                                         $175
        25%                                          $225

Papaya enzyme peel                   $85
Grape Wine Peel                           $85
non-surgical face lift                  $95
Phyto-Peptide Face Life            $110
 Oxygen Therapy or Ingrown Hair Treatment
May be added to any treatment
(price my very according to condition of skin)
$15- $25
Brow shaping with any facial treatment

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